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You Are Here #WFD8

Have you ever walked into a building on a corporate or healthcare campus and struggled to find where you needed to go? Be honest, we have all been there. But did you know that wireless can help solve that problem? I’ve been working with various location based technologies for a number of years now but…

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Causing a Ruckus and Rocking the Cradle

It’s that time of the year again, Wireless Field Day is upon us this week! For #WFD8 we’ve got what looks to be an awesome lineup of sponsors to harass¬†meet. Here’s the sponsor list, some should be familiar, some maybe not so much?   I can tell you right off the bat I’m REALLY excited…

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AP Ladder

I’ve always felt that the best way to lab and test wireless gear is in the same orientation that it’ll be installed, for most that is a little hard to do as you don’t have a drop down ceiling grid in your home. Luckily my office did have a ceiling grid, so I was able…

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Paying the Bills

Frequently I’m asked while at customer sites why I work for a partner and not directly for a vendor or corporation so I thought it would make an interesting blog discussion. I’ve worked in the EDU, Manufacturing, and Corporate space prior to working for partners so I’ve had a little taste of some of the…

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An Island Full of Wireless

There’s a common theme going on here lately in the wireless industry. All of a sudden there is this huge push for quality management tools. We’ve heard about it from many different vendors and one vendor has an interesting play: a partially vendor agnostic solution. With Aruba’s AirWave product you are monitoring the health of…

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WFD4 – New Beginnings

Where has the time gone? We are already quickly approaching the start of Wireless Field Day 4 which will kick off on Wednesday in San Jose, CA. WFD4 brings a new format to this amazing event that happens twice a year. A change to the format may allow for a slightly more relaxed pace allowing…

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