WLPC14 Is Coming

Next week marks the inaugural WLAN Professionals Summit put together by Keith Parsons and crew. I’m looking forward to getting together with fellow Wireless junkies in a vendor neutral event. The Wireless Tech Field Days have been great for getting a bunch of like minded people together to listen to what the vendors have to say, now it is our turn to just talk as Wireless engineers and avoid vendor architectures and solutions, just focus on the RF and what we need to do to make it work! For those of you attending or who want to follow along at home online we’ll be tweeting with the hashtag #WLPC, so mute it now if you don’t want to see it!


As you can see it’s going to be a pretty busy couple of days with a lot of good options for different talks to attend. Right now I’m leaning towards the following schedule but we’ll see what happens when I arrive:

Track 1 Session 1 – Engineering Ultra-High Density Wireless LANs for Arenas and Stadiums
Track 1 Session 2 – Hands-On Tips and Tricks for using AirMagnet Survey Pro
Track 2 Session 3 – Hostile Environments, Wireless LAN Design for Warehouse Environments
Track 2 Session 4 – Wireless QoS: What it Means and How to Sniff it

Track 1 Session 5 – Wi-Fi Packet Analysis with Metageek’s Eye P.A.
Track 1 Session 6 – Best Practices for Wireless Throughput Testing
Track 1 Session 7 – Spectrum Analysis Best Practices with Metageek
Track 1 Session 8 – Tips, Techniques and Best Practices for Ekahau Site Survey (Although Devin Akin’s presentation is very tempting!)
Track 1 Session 9 – They are Lying to You, You are Lying to Yourself

Track 2 Session 10 – Going Beyond RF Coverage and Designing for Capacity
Track 1 Session 11 – Spectrum Analysis Shootout – Spectrum XT vs Metageek vs CleanAir vs Atheros-Based APs
Track 2 Session 12 – Best Practices for Securing WLANs

It’s really hard to pick the sessions as there are a lot of good sessions to pick from! Oh yeah, and if you are like me and want it in a nice calendar format on your phone I’ve created a Google Calendar file here:


Like I said I’m really looking forward to meeting some of the twitter people that I haven’t met yet and hanging out with the ones I have! I’m really hoping that Jake can teach me some fun tricks with my Wi-Fi Pineapple during the down time in the evenings, speaking of which if you have one bring it, let’s see what kind of (legal) fun we can have! I’m really hoping that people will be able to take the time during the “Games, Tech Pub Trade, Small Groups” time to get to know each other and have some fun. Who knows maybe we’ll even record a podcast for NSA Show while onsite.

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