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RSSI Conundrum

What’s the number one go to value for “design” a wireless network? If you ask most people they will say RSSI. Received Signal Strength Indicator, or RSSI, is the quickest way to see if you have coverage. It’s the “four bars” approach to wireless design, but it isn’t anywhere close to designing a working network….

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WLPC14 Is Coming

Next week marks the inaugural WLAN Professionals Summit put together by Keith Parsons and crew. I’m looking forward to getting together with fellow Wireless junkies in a vendor neutral event. The Wireless Tech Field Days have been great for getting a bunch of like minded people together to listen to what the vendors have to…

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Check Check, 123 AirCheck

Wireless is black magic, or at least that is what everyone thinks. It’s one of those technologies that you can’t “see” when you are trying to troubleshoot and validate that it is working. This means we need the right tools for the job to get things done. I’ve used a lot of the different software…

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