WFD5 – Get Your RF On

It’s time again for another round of Wireless Field Day and once again I was fortunate enough to be invited! One of the greatest aspects of the Tech Field Day events is the ability to hear from vendors that I don’t always have exposure to and hearing their side of the story. Historically in the past WFD has been dominated by the big vendors (Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus, for example) leaving some of the smaller (in terms of market share) vendors out. But not this time! WFD5 brings to the table some vendors that we always wanted but haven’t had yet, namely Xirrus and Meru! I’m really looking forward to hearing from them about their products. I have my own opinions on how they do things but it will be great to see (and maybe play??) their equipment in action. WFD5 always brings a bunch of software tools to the show, we’ve always usually had Metageek for example but this time around we have Metageek, Fluke, 7Signal, and WildPackets. I always enjoy listening to Metageek speak and am looking forward to them presenting Chanalyzer with CleanAir as well as any updates to the Eye PA application. I haven’t heard from Fluke before so it will be nice to hear them speak and hopefully we can have some good conversations around stability of their applications and the future direction of fixing said stability issues. I’m also looking forward to hearing from 7Signal about how they measure the performance of the wireless networks and what metrics they consider key to a stable infrastructure.

Hardware vendors are represented by Aerohive, AirTight, Motorola, Meru, and Xirrus. Motorola did a great job last time presenting their wireless solution and troubleshooting tools so hopefully this time around we might see something more regarding their WIPs product catalog. Aerohive is always good for a product update and who knows maybe we’ll see something regarding 802.11ac? I have to imagine that is going to be top of most vendors minds and I hope they use this event as a way to get feedback on 802.11ac plans, whether it be Wave 1 or Wave 2.

We also have a bunch of new faces this time around so I’m looking forward to meeting a bunch of new people and putting faces/voices to the twitter users I follow.


Delegates are selected by the Field Day Delegate community. For more information on our selection process, please see our page about becoming a Field Day Delegate. Blake Krone @BlakeKrone
Blake Krone is Cisco CCIE Wireless and CWNA certified Wireless Network Architect with experience designing and deploying enterprise class networks supporting hundreds of APs and multiple controllers for Voice, Data, and RTLS. Chris Lyttle @WiFiKiwi
Chris Lyttle has over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry and is a Managing Principal Consultant who specializes in mobile and wireless security. Dale M. Rapp @DaleRapp
Dale is currently an application project manager and has a passion for wireless networking and IT security. Daniel Cybulskie @SimplyWiFi
Daniel Cybulskie is a Senior Security Consultant out of the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area. George Stefanick @WirelesssGuru
George Stefanick is a Wireless Architect employed by a large healthcare system in the Texas Medical Center. Jake Snyder @JSnyder81
Jake is a Systems Engineer focused on designing and deploying wireless networks in the Pacific Northwest. Jennifer Huber @JenniferLucille
Jennifer has over 10 years of experience in the networking and wireless engineering industry. Keith R. Parsons @KeithRParsons
Keith Parsons is Managing Director of the Institute for Network Professionals. Lee Badman @WiredNot
Lee Badman currently writes for Network Computing Magazine as Wireless and Mobility blogger, and has over twelve years of professional industry analysis under his belt. Ryan Adzima @RAdzima
Ryan is an enterprise technology generalist with a tendency to always end up back in networking. Sam Clements @Samuel_Clements
Sam Clements is an avid wireless technologist with a passion for all things mobility.

Presentation Calendar

Most presentations are streamed live on this page, at, and at some delegate and presenter web sites. After the event, the following pages contain video recordings of these presentations.

Wednesday, Aug 7 08:00-10:00 Fluke Networks Presents at Wireless Field Day 5
Wednesday, Aug 7 11:00-13:00 Aerohive Networks Presents at Wireless Field Day 5
Wednesday, Aug 7 14:30-16:30 WildPackets Presents at Wireless Field Day 5
Thursday, Aug 8 08:00-10:00 AirTight Networks Presents at Wireless Field Day 5
Thursday, Aug 8 10:30-12:30 MetaGeek Presents at Wireless Field Day 5
Thursday, Aug 8 14:30-16:30 Motorola Solutions Presents at Wireless Field Day 5
Friday, Aug 9 08:00-10:00 7signal Presents at Wireless Field Day 5
Friday, Aug 9 10:30-12:30 Xirrus Presents at Wireless Field Day 5
Friday, Aug 9 14:00-16:00 Meru Networks Presents at Wireless Field Day 5

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