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AP Ladder

I’ve always felt that the best way to lab and test wireless gear is in the same orientation that it’ll be installed, for most that is a little hard to do as you don’t have a drop down ceiling grid in your home. Luckily my office did have a ceiling grid, so I was able…

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It’s Raining Packets

While studying for networking exams it’s always important to analyze the packets, afterall the devil is in the packet, but for most just starting out (and to be honest myself included still) reading packets is not necessarily straightforward. With the sheer amount of connected devices unless you have your filters setup you will get data…

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RF That is Tight

There have been three waves of Wi-Fi if you will. Fat APs were the first wave of Wi-FI, these were the Aironet and Symbol APs back in the day. Then came along the controller architecture with Airespace for example. Most vendors these days have a controller based solution like Cisco, Aruba, Motorola, etc. The third and…

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WFD5 – Get Your RF On

It’s time again for another round of Wireless Field Day and once again I was fortunate enough to be invited! One of the greatest aspects of the Tech Field Day events is the ability to hear from vendors that I don’t always have exposure to and hearing their side of the story. Historically in the…

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