Video Killed the Podcast Star

I consider myself fortunate to be where I am in my career, I’ve worked hard to get where I am and continue to do so. But I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the help of many (Bryce Floyd, Sam Clements, Jennifer Huber, Keith Parsons) who all have been there whether it was mentors or just willing to answer some questions. A little over 2 years ago I decided to start a podcast to pay it forward and help the next generation of wireless engineers get the knowledge they need to be successful. In that time we over at the No Strings Attached Show have posted a total of 43 episodes getting 43,100 downloads! Now this isn’t a TON of downloads when compared to the likes of our friends at Packet Pushers, but I’ll take it. It shows me that the content was good and interesting and people saw value in it. Last year I wanted to take the next step and start doing video shows, but timing and what not made it not work out. Enter 2014, I decided this was the year I’m going to do, I’m going to get the video gear and give it a try.


So we invested in the studio for the show arming ourselves with a 27″ iMac running Final Cut Pro X, Motion, and Logic Pro X. Got a new Zoom h6 digital audio recorder, and a green screen setup. Yeap, I have a green screen crammed into my basement that needs a little loving as you can see by the photo here. Learning the ins and outs of FCPX and Motion have been quite the interesting project. Figuring out how to light the screen as well as myself just right to get the chroma keying to work within the little space I have. Learning new ways to record not only the video audio but also our podcasts using a multi-channel recorder with backup recording to ensure great sounding shows. Just like when we started the podcast over time I’ll get better and quicker at doing the edits but I’m finding a great level of respect for the fact that Ben and his team over at PrimeImage Media do such an amazing job on the live Tech Field Day events.


So here’s to hoping that this adventure works out and put together some interesting shows for the NSA Show followers! Our first two videos can be found over at our Vimeo site and embedded below:

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