New Gadgets From Xmas

Haven’t posted my new gadgets yet so I figured I might as well now.

I got a few gadgets at Xmas time. Here are a few.

Klipsh iGroove Speakers, these speakers sound awesome and they come with a remote allowing simple functions such as volume, play/pause, next/prev, and power.

Secondly I got myself a Jabra BT800 bluetooth headset for my LG-PM325. Pairing was simple and the quality is fine. I like the caller id display so I can see on the headset who is calling and choose whether or not to answer. I can also voice dial from the headset. The headset also paired up nicely with my Inspiron 8600 for using with eyeBeam VoIP SIP calls and with my Dell Axim x50 for sjphone VoIP SIP calls.

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