Netflix = No More?


If you remember my last post I was discussing whether or not I was going to cancel cable, well I have decided that I will be once I get around to it. Is Netflix going to be to be the next service I disconnect? Maybe. Amie and I rented “No Reservations” the other day on our Apple TV straight from the TV and it worked flawlessly. We browsed through the rental choices, viewed the trailer, then purchased. Within about 5 minutes or less the Apple TV informed us that our rental was ready to be played. We had one hiccup where it stalled and buffered, but that was right at the beginning so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Overall I have been very pleased with the Apple TV, I just wish it would play Xvid/DivX files seen as 90% of my previously recorded shows with BeyondTV are in that format.

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