Asterisk VoIP

Twin Cities Asterisk User Group Website

Head on over to if you are in the twin cities and use Asterisk to get all the latest info regarding the monthly meetings and such. Each meeting there will be a new phone demo so we can see the various phones out there before we buy, hopefully that will help people out when…

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Cisco 7960 Backlight Mod

Cisco makes some great VoIP products but yet they seem to leave out some of the most important features. Only one of their VoIP phones comes with a backlit screen: the 7970. Now as much as I would love to have that phone (it comes with a color touchscreen for web applications on the phone)…

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freePBX 2.2beta2 Out

I’ve been running my own Asterisk PBX based off of the TrixBox solution for about a year now and have always disliked how freePBX looked, well not anymore! freePBX 2.2beta2 features a new UI that looks great! Time to get it setup my test machine and see how it works. Check out freePBX 2.2beta2 here!