Just a Matter of Time…

Today is Apple’s “Spring Forward” event and we all assume that means we will finally get the last details of the Apple Watch as well as the prices. When Apple first announced the Apple Watch I was really intrigued and figured for sure I would run out and get one. Now as the months have passed since then I wonder if I will get one or not? This could be similar to the iPad though were I didn’t intend on getting one on launch day and ended up getting one anyways, which has proven to be a wise investment as I can’t imagine NOT having an iPad now.

But is the Apple Watch a game changing device like the iPad was? Recently while at Aruba Networks Atmosphere 2015 in Vegas I was fortunate to get some time with watches and Stephen Foskett. Now we are not talking about Casio watches, we are talking about some of the finest watches created by highly skilled artisans. As we visited each shop it was clear the watches we were looking at were designed and built by people wanting these to be more about art and showmanship than telling you what time it is. I was amazed at how the store owners/workers would take the time to explain all the ins and outs about the watches, what makes them unique, why they are special, and why some are so highly sought after.

So this leads me back to the Apple Watch. While I think the Apple Watch could be a great day to day watch to enjoy technology in a less obtrusive way I don’t see it replacing my Invicta dress watch. I can’t imagine putting on a fashionable outfit and then accessorizing it with the Apple Watch. I don’t see the Apple Watch displacing a Blancpain, a Jaeger-LeCoultre, or ever a Greubel Forsey. I foresee the Apple Watch Edition being a status symbol, but it isn’t going to be sought after in years to come.

Will you be running out and purchasing one? If so what version? Me, I’m leaning towards the Sport if I can get a dressier band for the occasions I do feel like wearing it with a dressed up outfit.

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