Dude, Where’s My Blog Posts?

So I’ll admit I’ve been neglecting putting posts up lately, but then again that is my nature on this blog isn’t it?

We are staying busy finishing up the addition to the house, finally got the plumbing squared away and will have that inspected shortly along with the electrical so I can get insulation back in the walls and get the sheetrock up. It’s turning out nicely, can’t wait to use the bubblemassage tub!

Audrey turns 1 next month, can’t believe she was born almost a year ago already. Seems like just yesterday we were taking her home from the hospital. A lot has changed and she has grown a lot, despite being a lazy baby! She’s taken a few steps but is too lazy to pull herself up and walk on her own. She also does the dead-man crawl, only using her arms. It’s amazing to see how she figures out remotes for the TV and stuff.

Maybe my next update won’t take so long, only time will tell…

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