Comcast Live Chat – Where Has Customer Service Gone?

See this quote below from my most recent live chat with Comcast. Where has customer service gone that instead of addressing the issue at hand the first thing they do is ask you to BUY more services? Plus it amazes me that the Twitter support people (ComcastCares,ComcastBonnie, etc) have much more up to date information regarding outages than the Live Chat support team.

Problem : internet and cable went out
Patrick > Thanks 

Patrick > Please hold one moment

Patrick > Since when is the problem Blake ?

Blake_ > last hour or so

Patrick > Thanks 

Patrick > Please hold one moment
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Blake_ > let me get this straight

Blake_ > my connectoin is down

Blake_ > and you are trying to sell me on more services?
Blake_ > at the moment I am currently filling out a service request on
Blake_ > why don't you get the services I AM PAYING for WORKING before you try to pitch something else?

Patrick > Im sorry for that Blake . Sure thing i wil

Patrick > will*

Patrick > Please continue to hold

Patrick > Did you try to reset your modem ?

Blake_ > no and that isn't the problem

Blake_ > both cable TV and internet are out

Blake_ > so the line is dead
Patrick > Please continue to hold 
Patrick > Are you home Blake ? this is for me to at least ask you to do some reset or at least turn on the modem
and let me know the status.
Blake_ > no my wife said the issue is present....the cable modem IS NOT THE PROBLEM

Blake_ > if the TV is dead, then the line is down

Patrick > Thanks , i need you to wait one more time
Patrick > While i create a ticket for this one

Blake_ > How long will it take to get resolved?

Patrick > Please wait Blake , since im just starting to create one . Cant tell for now. 
Patrick > Blake we need to send a technician over the place . May i have the best time of the day you will be available ?

Blake_ > tonight

Patrick > thanks 

Patrick > Please hold
Blake_ > ComcastBonnie@blakekrone there's an outage in your area right now. we're getting a tech
out now to get that fixed! Sorry for the interruption!

Blake_ > ignore sending a tech to my place, you guys need be informed...the
Twitter folks always have more up to date information than you do on the Live Chat
Patrick > Blake we are sorry for this . Our system updates from time to time . 

Patrick > Were going to cancel tech visit for this one .

Blake_ > Just leave the ticket open so the techs know of the issue, put a notice to have them
call me later/tomorrow to see if it is back up
Patrick > Okay Blake 

Patrick > Thanks and im sorry for all the trouble . 

Patrick > Any questions for now ?
Blake_ > nope, thanks

Patrick > Youre welcome

Patrick > So long for now and You take care . Please extend my regards to your love ones

Patrick > 

To close this chat,please click the close button at the top of your chat window.

Patrick > Thank you for choosing Comcast as you ISP and have a good one!
Comcast appreciates your business and values you as a customer.
Our goal is to provide you with excellent service.If you need further assistance, you can chat with one of our
Customer Support Specialists 24 hour a day, 7 days a week at 


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  2. Cindy March 9, 2011 at 4:24 pm

    how can i apply tor comcast service

    1. blake March 10, 2011 at 9:07 pm

      For starters this is a blog. Second, you would go to to get their service if you so desired.

  3. anjelic April 3, 2011 at 12:13 am

    something is wrong with my dvr!

    1. blake April 3, 2011 at 6:34 pm

      Take note, this is called a blog. This site is not, you won’t find help here.

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