Sonos iPad App Review

In case you haven’t heard Sonos has released their iPad app in conjunction with their new version 3.3 software today. The iPad app which was originally to have launched earlier is trickling into the iTunes App Store as we speak. Having been fortunate to use the app for the past few months I can say…

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Apple iPad: Good or Bad?

Apple announced the iPad today at their keynote after a long period of rumors with some of them coming true, and a lot of key ones not. Being an Apple stockholder I was very interested in seeing what was going to be announced today and so far I’m still on the fence. Really this is…

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Sonos S5 Now Shipping

Now that the Sonos S5 is shipping I can finally post about my experiences with it! Like any new devices there are pros and cons, but it seems that the S5 has way more pros than cons if you look at it in the right light. For those of you that don’t know what the…

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Christmas in June!

I got all sorts of new toys this past month! I finally upgraded to a 500gb USB2.0 drive that is attached to my file server/router in a NAS setup, got a 160gb USB2.0 portable drive to carry my music along with my MacBook Pro, won an Xbox 360, and finally got a Nokia N800 Internet…

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Linksys WRT54G “BlackBox”

[thumb:1850:l] So I finally got around to installing OpenWRT on my spare Linksys WRT54G access point. During the install I also took the time to mod it to include a SD memory stick slot, builtin GPS, and dual serial ports. The access point is now a Kismet server that when turned on mounts the SD…

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New Gadgets From Xmas

Haven’t posted my new gadgets yet so I figured I might as well now. I got a few gadgets at Xmas time. Here are a few. Klipsh iGroove Speakers, these speakers sound awesome and they come with a remote allowing simple functions such as volume, play/pause, next/prev, and power. Secondly I got myself a Jabra…

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