Christmas in June!

I got all sorts of new toys this past month! I finally upgraded to a 500gb USB2.0 drive that is attached to my file server/router in a NAS setup, got a 160gb USB2.0 portable drive to carry my music along with my MacBook Pro, won an Xbox 360, and finally got a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. (Shown below)

Nokia N800

The N800 is pretty sweet, my Dell Axim broke so I was able to get the N800 from Dell. So far I have Gizmo running on it alongside Google Talk for IM/VoIP, Kismet for wireless security audits, Canola for UPnP media streaming, and Carman which I need to get an OBDII connector so I can read codes off of the cars. I just need to find some good note taking software and get a bluetooth keyboard and it will be the perfect note taker. The N800 is extremely small, it looks large in the photos, but when you actually have it in your hands it is nice and small. I’d also like to look at the NAVKIT for the N800 and see how well of a job that does with GPS navigation.

Now the Xbox 360 has a story with it also, I won it at our IT conference from Dell. At first we were thinking I may not even keep it, but we decided that I would. So I unpacked it and got it all setup the other night to find out that the wireless controller is busted! Not having any controllers (or games even) I was just going to see how well of a media streamer it was, but I guess I can’t do that now! I called M$ do get it replaced and they expect me to pay to ship the controller back to them so they can see if it is broken or not!! How lame is that? I have to spend money to get it fixed. Hopefully our Dell rep will be able to get me a replacement, otherwise, eBay here it comes!

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