Back From Colorado & Online Risk

Well I made it back from Colorado without any injuries! I think the Aaron & snowboarding curse might finally be broken? I’ve put up pictures from the trip located at We had a great time, rode Vail on Friday, Copper on Saturday, and Breck for a few on Sunday before I got sick. The snow at Vail was actually quite thin in a lot of spots, however, Copper was great! We found quite a few spots in the trees that had snow depths around waist deep yet!! Plus the party on Saturday night was amazing. Scott Congel had his “Congel Cup” race at Copper and we attended the evening party with my aunt & uncle. Sushi, shrimp, tuna, and other appetizers and then a big thick piece of prime rib and/or crab legs for dinner. So much food so little time.

In other news, like to play Risk? Well I have started to play an online game called Warfish with some friends at work and if you are interested in playing use my link to join and we can start playing together.

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