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Branding In A Digital Era

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the “Personal Brand” issue that companies seem to face on a daily basis in today’s digital era. With blogging and social media a person has the ability to create a strong brand recognition for their own name on their own dime and time. We blog because we want…

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Paying the Bills

Frequently I’m asked while at customer sites why I work for a partner and not directly for a vendor or corporation so I thought it would make an interesting blog discussion. I’ve worked in the EDU, Manufacturing, and Corporate space prior to working for partners so I’ve had a little taste of some of the…

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Cisco Buys Meraki

In case you haven’t heard yesterday some news leaked out a littler earlier than it should have via social media causing Cisco and Meraki to react and confirm that Cisco intends to buy Meraki for $1.2billion. If you have listened to me over on the NSA Show podcast you’ll know that I am a fan…

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