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CLUS – Networking At It’s Best

Hard to believe that another Cisco Live US is only a few weeks away! It doesn’t seem like a year has already passed since the last CLUS in San Diego. Last year’s CLUS was a different event for me as I really focused on tracks that are not my strength and I was fortunate to…

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Paying the Bills

Frequently I’m asked while at customer sites why I work for a partner and not directly for a vendor or corporation so I thought it would make an interesting blog discussion. I’ve worked in the EDU, Manufacturing, and Corporate space prior to working for partners so I’ve had a little taste of some of the…

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AVC – Seeing is Believing

Last year was the year of BYOD when it came to buzzwords. Everyone was hopping on the bandwagon and using that term like crazy. The funny thing is that it really wasn’t anything new! Having worked in the higher ed space at the beginning of my career I’ve always had to deal with people bringing…

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WiFi Letting You Know You’re Pregnant?

I’m sure by now most have seen this story from various sources where the girl’s pregnancy was figured out by Target using analytic data before her dad knew. Now we are starting to see a trend with wireless where we can get location analytics that allows stores and venue operators to understand traffic flow, dwell…

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WFD4 – New Beginnings

Where has the time gone? We are already quickly approaching the start of Wireless Field Day 4 which will kick off on Wednesday in San Jose, CA. WFD4 brings a new format to this amazing event that happens twice a year. A change to the format may allow for a slightly more relaxed pace allowing…

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Cisco Buys Meraki

In case you haven’t heard yesterday some news leaked out a littler earlier than it should have via social media causing Cisco and Meraki to react and confirm that Cisco intends to buy Meraki for $1.2billion. If you have listened to me over on the NSA Show podcast you’ll know that I am a fan…

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