New Digital Picture Frame

[thumb:1933:l] Awhile back I turned one of my old laptops into a picture frame PC based off of WinXP, that didn’t last too long! The drive crashed about 4 months ago and I finally got around to redoing the entire setup. The old frame was made out of some wood trim and didn’t look that great. The new version was created from a shadow box that was modified to work with my frame.

Version 2 has a lot of new great features that make the frame much more enjoyable. Instead of using WinXP I now use “Damn Small Linux” aka “DSL”. The frame boots in 20 seconds or less to pictures, much quicker than the 5 minutes or more for WinXP. But using Linux doesn’t just give me a faster boot time, I now have the frame setup with rsync to automatically update the photos from my file server. The frame is also smart in that it shuts off the display over night and while we are away at work. Overall I’m very pleased with this new version, now to find more laptops to convert!

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