Brace Yourself…#CLUS #SelfieBINGO Is Coming!

Well, I had this GREAT idea and I was working on the blog post and all when I see a tweet from @lauren, she stole my idea! It’s all good, still love ya Lauren! Anyways, Cisco Live is always a fun time and a couple years ago I pulled off a pretty darn good selfie/photobomb with JC that actually made it on the keynote! Since then I’ve been known by some at Cisco as the selfie guy, will I be able to get a selfie this year with the new CEO Chuck Robbins? Maybe.

So head on over to the Cisco page and get registered! #SelfieBINGO

Not registered yet? There is still time!

I’ll leave you with some of my selfie’s from the past few years at #CLUS:

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